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Author: Jordi Garriga Cortina Company: Klöckner Pentaplast


There is a growing demand for packaging that helps companies meet their sustainable packaging goals, specifically, from large distribution chains, combined with the request for enhanced productivity gains. Usually the challenge is how to combine these requirements with the need of maintaining a certain level of material properties in order to offer maximum shelf life for the food product.

The foamed Pentafood® kpbar™ light BPETTM range of products offers excellent gas barrier performance with several advantages in regards to productivity.

Standard materials which are used to a high degree in supermarkets in order to pack fresh meat products, don’t always offer the barrier properties needed for a longer shelf life.

Pentafood® kpbar™ light BPETTM film offers a > 30% density reduction compared to standard PET products and maintain physical properties comparable to standard materials, which clearly provide competitive advantages, superior performance that delivers means costs savings, outstanding thermoforming, better cutting, lower sealing temperature for energy savings.

Pentafood® BPET™ films deliver the same properties as standard APET films, with enhanced production efficiency and no brittleness. Engineered to offer superior aesthetics for high shelf impact while providing an opportunity for material reduction, EBPET™ films are available in a range of opaque colours.