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Autor: Bernard Martin, Klaus Meyer Empresa: GEA Food Solutions


Developing a renewable packaging concept presents very specific challenges, particularly when it is for food. Products must remain fresh, the package must be sealed and not leak, and there needs to be ample space for printing and branding. If the product is designed to be prepared for eating while still in the package – as with microwaveable meals – there are even more functional demands on the materials. The packaging machine manufacturing activity of GEA Food Solutions in Biedenkopf-Wallau (Germany) was approached by a customer to supply such a package, and together they developed a composite material solution consisting of recyclable cardboard and thin soft film. It meets the increasing demands from the market for sustainability as up to 70 percent of the package consists of renewable raw materials. It is suitable for pasta, meat, fish products, bakery goods and microwaveable meals.