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Autor: Giovanni Stocchetti Empresa: GAP srl


In the world of flexible packaging, the fresh food packaging field (sausages, meet, cheese, fish, raw pasta and others) continues to be in high demand. The market for these packaging products has had an important year growth rate . The growth is due to the increased consumer demand for a wide variety of packaging materials and applications.

Nowadays, the barrier film is one of the most important packaging material used to preserve perishable food and extend its shelf life. Barrier film manufactures’ aim is to provide a product which can meet all requirements defined by the market and machinery manufacturers. These include preservation of freshness, the appearance of the food, an attractive packaging and, finally, a solution to replace products based on PVC and PVDC due to environmental concerns.

The aim of designing the structures is to downgauge and achieve a satisfactory level of barrier properties. It is proven that biaxial orientation improves barrier properties, where a degree of stretching leads to lower gas permeability.